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Rosary for the Bishops
Rosary for the Bishop
In Memoriam

Deacon Joe Marotta The Journeyman Carpenter

died suddenly June 5th, 2013. Joe was 39. Ordained to the Permanent Diaconate of the Diocese of Richmond, Va on 10/13/2012, Joe leaves his lovely wife Katie and five young children. May God, family, and friends comfort Katie and the children and may Joe's soul rest in the peace of Christ who he served with zeal and love.


Carrie Tomko (Still Running Off at the Keyboard) Died of cancer on April 6, 2009 Carrie had quite a few friends among St Blogs Parish members and one of her favorite topics was the danger that New Age & the occult present to Christians.


Michael Albert Dubriel (Annunciations) died of a heart attack suffered while exercising in a gym February 3, 2009. Michael was husband to Amy Wellborn (Charlotte Was Both) and father to two sons Michael and Joseph. Michael was a Catholic speaker and publisher and well known among the Saint Blog's community. Michael's obituary may be viewed here. Many in the Catholic blogging community have written about Michael but Amy said "Cathy Dee has done just about the best job of capturing who Michael was."


Fr. Todd Reitmeyer

, May 13, 1969 - May 24, 2006. Fr. Reitmeyer's blog is no longer available but an archive of the blog remains up at A Son Becomes A Father. A fellow priest and friend of Fr. Reitmeyer wrote about him for Catholic Men's Quarterly. You can read the article A Son Becomes a Father. The image in this memorial is cropped from an original displayed in a post on the blog Mireles Family News and is used with their permission.


Karen Marie Knapp (From The Anchor Hold) died August 2, 2007. Karen Marie is what many of us would like to be - a truly charitable but always unapologetic Catholic.


"5/14/02: Added a new page listing some of the Catholic "Blogs". Enjoy! I keep updating Scandal and Hope Page and will do the same with the Blog Page (and won't always mention this in "What's New...")"With this entry Gerard Serafin (Buggee) (A Catholic Blog for Lovers) began his "Catholic Blogs Page" in May of 2002. The list has been handed on since Gerard's untimely death November, 2004, and this site is the latest version of what Gerard began.


Blogs by Catholic Lay Women (854 Blogs)

Jiza Zito: Because Sometimes I Like to Blog
“Go East” they said
‘Tis But A Season
… and these Thy gifts …
…always room for one more!
…and if not…
…the hell with it
11 On My Own
3 Turkeys
A Beaten Copper Lamp of Deplorable Design
A Blessed Life
A Broken Fortress
A California Girl & A Boston Boy
A Catechist’s Walk with Christ
A Catechumen’s Book of Days
A Catholic Cappuccino, Please!
A Catholic Harvest
A Catholic Home Journal
A catholic madre
A Catholic Mom in Hawaii
A Catholic Mom in Tradition
A Catholic Moment
A Catholic Mother’s Thoughts
A Catholic Reader
A Catholic Teen’s Perspective
A Cradle Catholic Re-Discovering the Faith
A Dreamer’s Wife
A Drop in the Ocean
A Faithful Year
A Future Not My Own
A Graceful Follower’s Reflections
A Helping Hand
A Journey Home
A Life of Benevolence
A Life-Size Catholic Blog
A Light to the Nations
A Little Flower Garden
A Little More Like Mary
A Living Garden
A Mom for Life- the unconventional family
A Mother’s Love
a number of things
A Perpetual Jubilee
A Prayer Corner
A Quiet Catholic
A Religion of Sanity
A Renewed Christian
A rosary in one hand……
A Saint for 45 Minutes
A Sanctuary – Sabrina M Glidden
A Servant’s Heart
A Solitary Bird
A Sparrow’s Worth
A Spiritual Journey
A View From the Pew
A Voice in the Wilderness
A Walk with Jesus
A Way with Words
A Whole Hearted Catholic
A Woman Made for the Morning
A Woman’s Place…
Abba’s Little Girl
According to Ruth Ann… …from the Pulpit of Her Life
Adoro te Devote
Adrienne’s Armoire
Adrienne’s Catholic Corner
Agnus Dei
Alabama Improper
Alexandra’s Vocation
All Things for Love of Him
All Things Hildegard
All You’ll Hear Are Castanets
along the way . . .
Always A Joy…
Among Women
an abundance of blessings
An Anchorite’s Blog, Books, Vows and Rule
Anchoress, The
anima mea
Animals at your side
Another Catholic Mom
Another Day …at the edge of the forest
Another Espresso Please
another ragamuffin’s musings
Apostle to Suburbia
Aquinas blog
Are you there, God? It’s Me, Generation X.
Argent by the Tiber
Arizona Catholic
As Sparks Fly Upward
As the Morning Rising
aspiring f.o.o.L. (friend of our Lord)
Ass-Over-Teakettle Toward the Light
Assisi Paths
At home in my Father’s House
Aussie Coffee Shop
Authentic Catholicism
Baby Catholic
Back Bay View
Bakersfield Brat’s Blog
Baptized Priesthood
Basic Training for Catholics
Battle Beads Handcrafted Rosary Beads and Chaplets
Be Bold
Be Not Afraid
Be Not Idle
Beautiful Chaos
Beautiful Secrets: A sinner’s diary
Beautiful Thorns
Becoming Women of Peace
Behind the Silver Screen
Beholden to Grace
Being Catholic … Really
Being Me and Other Things
Belinda’s Brain
Bell of the Wanderer
Bella Marie Home & Garden Blog
Betty Duffy
Between the Shores
Beyond Lilith
Beyond Pearls
Bless Us O Lord…
Blessed Virgin Mary’s Bower
Blog by-the-Sea
Blogging For A Better Life
Blood Covered Princess
blooming where i’m planted
Blue Eyed Ennis
Boinkie’s Blog
Book Smart Girl
Bottled Emotions
Bread and Roses
Brooklyn Born Catholic-Just Quotes
Building my Catholic Home
Building The Ark
Caffeinated Catholic Mama
Camino La Mancha
Campfires and Cleats
Candid Catholic Living
Candy Kisses from God
Captive the Heart
Carmelite Mommy
Castle of the Immaculate
Cat Catholic
Catholic Beautiful
Catholic Belle
Catholic Blessings
Catholic By Choice
Catholic By Grace
Catholic Chicks: We ♥ God!
Catholic Christian
Catholic Cookie Jar
Catholic Devotions Apostolate
Catholic Family Vignettes
Catholic Fire
Catholic Hearts Domestic Church
Catholic Homemaking
Catholic Icing
Catholic Law Student
Catholic Mama Musings
Catholic Matriarch in my Domestic Church aka Catholic Mom
Catholic Me (I am blessed).
Catholic Me, I am blessed.
Catholic Mom’s Helper
Catholic Mom, Type B
Catholic Mommy Brain
Catholic Newlywed
Catholic NFP Mom
Catholic Poet
Catholic Sistas
Catholic Surfer
Catholic Wife and Mother
Catholic With a Vengeance
Catholic with Training Wheels
Catholic Working Mom
Catholic Works
Catholic Writer Chick at Large!
causa nostrae laetitiae
Celebrating Sacraments in the Domestic Church
CF Family
Chaldean Thoughts
Charlotte was Both
Chasing Joy
Chatty Catholics
Cheeky Pink Girl
Cherished Hearts At Home
Chew Life with Your Mouth Closed
chiamati alla speranza
Children’s Rosary
Christ in the City
Church of the Masses
Cieloscent Rosary
City Wife, Country Life
Clairity Daily
Coffee and Canticles -the Divine Office
Cogito et Scribo…
Come Follow Me
Come to See
Come to the Water
COmmunion with God
Confessions of a Catholic Mutt
Confessions of a Cooperator
Confessions of a Crazy Schoolmarm
Confessions of a Hot Carmel Sundae
Confessions of a Sinful Catholic
Confessions of an Underground Catholic
Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander
Connie’s Catholic Corner
Contemplative Homeschool
Conversations With Sophia
Cor Immaculatum Mariae
Costing Not Less Than Everything
Covered Catholic
Crafolic ~ Catholic Crafts and more!
Crazy Stable
Creo en Dios!
Crooked LInes
Crystal Clear Conversion
Cups and Muses
Dahlings Delight
Daily Grace
Daily readings (in Russian)
Damaris Reads: a Hetaira in God’s House
Darling Mother Dear
Day By Day in Our World
Day to Day Catholic
Dear Blogosphere
Deep In The Heart
Define Inspiration ~ Mind~ Body ~Soul
Delight Yourself In The Lord
Demure Dimwit
Desert Catholic
Desperate Irish Housewife
Diary of a Sower
Divina Saga
Divine Mercy For Our Times
Divorced Catholic Moms
Do Good, Reject Evil… Eat Ice Cream
Domestic Abbey
Domestic Abbey
Domestic Distractions
Donum Vitae
Doodle Acres
Dressing with Dignity
Dude, Where Am I?
dymphna’s road
Dymphna’s Well
Eastward, Catholic Soldiers!
Embedded Faith
Emily Ann’s Corner
Endless Strength
enter under my roof
Erin’s Observations
Erring on the Side of Love
Espritu Cristiano
Eucharist Always
Every Day in Adoration
Everyday Catholic
Everything You Knew is Wrong
Exspectantes Beatam Spes
Exuberant Catholic
Faith on the High Wire
Faith, Fiction, and Flannery
Family-Centered Living
Fashion Angel by Esther Gabrielle
Fashion for Beauty
Father My Father
Father Stanley Rother Catholic Worker Mission
Faustina Farm
Fear Not Little Flock
Feminism: the Catholic F Word
Fiat Blog for Women
Filling my Prayer Closet
Finding Joy in Every Journey
Fire Light Song
Five Feet Above Sea Level
Five Feet of fury
Flighty Girl
Flowers For Francis
Footprints on the Fridge
For Better or Worse
For Heaven’s Sake
For Love of Cupcakes
For The Love Of Christ
For Where E’er We Go
Frischer Wind (Fresh Wind)
From a Catholic Daughter
From a Sinner
From Across the Net
From the Anchor Hold
from the field of blue children
From Where I Write
Fructus Ventris
Frugal Catholic Mommy
Gabriella’s Blog
Gaily in the Dark
Gaining My Religion
Garden of Holiness
GarzaClan of Colorado
Girl Ex Nihilo
Give Him Yout Heart
Give Tongue
given away to Him
Go in Haste
God and Chocolate
God’s Holy Will
God’s Interruption
God’s Wonderful Love
Going to my Fathers House
Grace Loves Iggy
Grandma’s Musings
Grow the Roses
Half a Dozen Ever Afters
Hand-Maid With Love
Happy Catholic
Happy Hearts At Home
Happy Little Homemaker
Haunting the Sacristy
He Knows My Name
Hearing God’s Whisper
Heart of a Mother
Heart of St. Monica
Heart of the Home with Six Kids
Heart speaks to Heart
Heartfelt Heartlook
Heaven Raising
Heidi’s Hotline – the “Silent Canticle”
Held by His Pierced Hands
her Little Ways
Here There Are Lions
Hey Hope…What do you think?
High Five!
Highway to Heaven
His Unending Love
Hobbit-Sense at
Holiness in Motherhood
Holy Cards
Holy Cards for your Inspiration
Holy Hillbilly Creations Blog
Holy Relics – The Deification of Man
Holy Relics: The Deification of Man
Homeschool Goodies
Homeschooling on the Run
Homeschooling With Joy
homespun living
Homestead & Bread – Talking
Hope and Life Press – Commentary
Hope for Today
House United
How To Enjoy The Offline Reality In Christ?
I Abstain
I am all Thine!
I Am My Kid’s Mom
I Fly Unto Thee
I Have a Reason to Sing
I Heart My Life: A Working Mother’s Soapbox
I Prefer Heaven
I Want to See God
I’m Only One Mommy
Idyllist, The
Imperfectly Living a Dream
Impoguemahone’s Weblog
Imprisoned in my Bones-Releasing my Inner Jeremiah
In Both Death and Life
In God’s Image
In Him I Trust
In Him we live and move and have our being.
In Search Of
In the Footsteps of St. Patrick
In the Heart of my Home
In the Name of Jesus… be healed
Inadequate Disciple
Informed Catholic Voter
Infused Knowledge
Inspired By Dorothy – Blog of Michele Murdock
Inspiring words from Jesus and Catholic Life
Instinctive Philosophies
Is this what you mean?
It’s Only Write
αγάπη από μια καθαρή καρδιά
Jardín de flores raras
JC Everson
Jennifer Fitz – Sticking the Corners
Jessica is His
Jesus is the
Jesus, medicine, and me
Journal of a Nobody
Journey of a Catholic Nerd Writer
Journey of a Soul
Journey To A New Pentecost
Joy Alive in Our Hearts
Joy-Filled Catholic
Just a Minute
Just me
K4J Kids for Jesus
kaj la hundo iris kun ili….
Karen Edmisten
Karen’s Adventures in Mommyland
Kathleen’s Catholic
Katie’s online Journal
Keeping the Faith
Keeping Up With The Smiths
Kelly Thinks (Occasionally)
Kissing the Leper
Knit and Pray
Knit Together
Knowledge Hungry
kris thinks…
Kristel Writes..
La Bella Vita! Bella’s Beautiful Life: Because It IS a Beautiful Life!
La vida es un campo de batalla espiritual
Lady of the Rose
Lame Housewife
Landscapes and Portraits
Lass Liebe auf uns regnen
Laughing All the Way
Laura’s Little Blessings
Le blog de la Bergerie
Learn From the Wildflowers
Learning and growing the Piwi way
Lending Strength, Bearing Witness
Let it be Done
Let the Little Ones Come
Lex orandi, lex credendi
Life After Epiphany
Life and Plan B
Life as a Fascinating Woman
Life In a Small Town
Life in a Small Town
Life in Every Limb
Life is an open book test
Life is an open book test
Life Is Beauty
life of a Catholic homeschooling family
Life of a Catholic Librarian
Life Path of Love
Life’s Daily Miracles
Life’s Mini Miracles
Life, Faith, Home, School
Life, Love, & Sacred Art
Like Merchant Ships
Lindsay Loves
Lisa Graas
Little Bits and Peaces
Little Catholic Bubble
Little Hare
Little Jesus and Me
Little Lamb Books
Little One’s Hermitage
little sand, BIG MOUNTAIN
Little Steps Along The Way
Living a Catholic Fairy Tale
Living al Dente
Living and Loving Life
Living in the Desert
Living in the Presence of God
Living Life Simply
Living Water
Longbows and Rosary Beads
Look up to the Heavens!
Lori’s Pilgrimage
Love & Wild Honey
Love Is All There Is
Love Letters 7.10
Love simply. Simply love.
loves dogs and the rosary
M.O.M.S. Mothers of Many Saints
Makes Me Smile
Mama Takes On The World
Mama’s Little Ditty
Many Little Blessings
March Up to the Gate
March Up To The Gate
Maria Lectrix
Marta, Julie and Maria
Martha’s Orbital Buzz
martha, martha…
Mary Bennett
Mary Grace Holmes
Mary LaSalette
Mary Meets Dolly
Maureen Wittmann
Medical Matins
Medjugorje Web Journal
Melanie Rigney/Faith and Life in My 50s
Melly Elizabeth’s Musings
Mercy is…
Merely A Woman
Michele Quigley .net
Michelle Mahnke
Midwest Mary
Miller Sisters Cafe::: A Gathering Place for Christ Centered Sisterhood
Minnesota Mom
missionary lily
Modern Catholic Mom
Molly Oshatz, Openly Catholic
Mom Embracing Autism
Mom’s Musings – The Estrogen Files
Monastery Wildflowers
More than Conquerors
Mostly Blue with a Touch of Pink
Mother of All Muddlers
Mother of the Fiat
mother of the fiat
Mountain of Grace Homeschooling
Moved By Grace
Mrs. Mackerelsnapper, OP
Mulier Fortis
Musings at 85
Musings from one of the women
Musings of a Catholic Mom
Musings of a Catholic Wife
Musings of a Catholic Wife
Musings of a Catholic, Writer, Language Enthusiast and American
Musings of a Mad Musician
Musings of a Modern Mom
Musings of a Twentysomething wife
Musings Of An Orthodox Catholic
My Adventures into Christian Homeschooling 2
My blog, right or wrong, my blog. 😉
My Catholic Family Circus
My Catholic Kitchen
My Catholic Life
My Catholic Potpourri
My Chocolate Heart
My Domestic Church
My Dre Journey
My Everyday Life
My Everyday Life
My Journey
My Journey So Far…
My Journey: Becoming Catholic
My Last Year Online
My Life in the Domestic Church
My Life is a Comedy Show for God
My Life, My Faith
My Little Flower
My Mother Is My Model
My Musing . . .
my ongoing education of the faith
My Simple Walk
My Soul In Silence Waits
My Twisted Life’s Journey
Mysteries of Parenting
Mystical Rows
Na-Da Farm Life
Na-Da Farm Life…with Anne Marie
Naru Hodo
Natural and Relaxed Home Learning
Net of the Fisherman
Nettie’s World
New Age to Catholicism: A Conversion Story
New Toronto Catholic Blog
New World In My View
Newb Catholic
NFP and ME
No fighting, no biting!
not a minx, a moron, or a parasite
Not Strictly Spiritual
Not The Sword But The Pen
Notes from An Unconventional Catholic
NOW is the Time…
Oblique House
Of Sound Mind and Spirit
Oh, For the Love of Buses
Oil in the Lamp
One Mad Mom Blog
One Third Acre Farm
One Voice For Jesus Ministries
Organic Learning
Our Beautiful Catholic Faith
Our Catholic Life
Our Domestic Calling
Our Domestic Church
Our Faith Culture
Our God is an Awesome God
Out Into the Deep
Out of My Catholic Mind
Pack Family
Painting A River
Passionate Perseverance
Pastoral de la Salud Bioetica y C. Paliativos
Pat’s Pro-Life Page
Patch O’ Dirt Farm
Patron Saint of the Year Devotion
Pelegrina Gadelica
People Look East
Philothea Rose at Home
Pink Salt Riot
Plain Catholic in the Mountains
Plainly Peaceful
Poems of Love and Faith
Pondering His Goodness
Pope Benedict XVI Blog
Postabortion Journey …walk with me.
Practical Catholic Evangelization
Practical Maniac
Practicing Mammal
Praise Divine Mercy!
Praising Our Lady
Prayers 4 Theresa
Praying for Grace
Praying The Way
Precious Moments
Precious Treasures
Present Imperfect
Prie Dieu
Prints of Grace
Prodigal Catholic Writer
Proud Cajun Catholic
proud cajun catholic
Proverbs Living
Public Catholic
Puff’s Blog About Stuff
Pur Autre Vie
Pura Vida
Purcell’s Chicken Voluntary
Quantum Theology
Quiet Life
Quiet Time Daily Inspiration
Quite The Normal Life
R.C. Mommy
Raising Angels
Raising Saints
Raising {& Teaching} Little Saints
Rambling Follower
Ramirez Family Blog
Random Rambilings of a Recovering Ranter
Raw Catholic Knitter
Ready, aye, ready?
Real Catholic Love and Sex
Real Life
Reclaiming the Womb
Redemptive Rants
Reflections for the Soul: Mini-Thoughts on the Love of God the Father for All Mankind
Reflections of Hope
returning to rome
Richmond Voices
Riding Shotgun
Riparians at the Gate
Ripples from the River of My Thoughts
Ripsimeh’s Faith Minded Creations
Roman Catholic Convert
Room for Patience
Rosary Mom
Rosemary Sauce
Roses for Saint Colette
Roses Tea and Our Lady
rosetta stone
Rough Wood Against My Cheek
Running to Paradise
Rx for the Soul
Rx for the Soul
S.tay A.t H.ome at Work
Sacred Heart of Jesus Homeschool Academy
Sacred Heart of Jesus HS Academy
Sacred Miscellany
Sacred Space and Time Waltzing the Megaton Mile
Sacristies of the World
Saint in the Making
Saint School
Saint Theodora/Mother Theodore Guerin
Saintbound Sinner
Saints 365
Saints in the Rough
Salve Sancta Mater Dei
Samantha’s Slice of Cyberspace
Sancta Futura
Santa Maria de Cuapa
Sarah’s Alleluia
Saying YES to LIFE!
Seasons of Grace
Second Chances
SecondHand Saints Blog
Seeking and Sharing Truth
Seeking Jesus
Seeking Pemberley
Semper Gaudete!
Send Me
Servant and Scholar
She Speaks With Wisdom
Shoved to Them
Shower of Flowers
Simple Catholic Living
Simply Catholic
Simply Fulfilled
Simply Inspired Prayer
Simply Michele
Sincerely, An Angry Catholic
Single Mom Smiling
Snoring Scholar
So much to say, so little time
Solutus Mater
Some Have Hats
Sometimes I….
Soul Pockets
Soul Walk
Southern Illinois Catholics
Sowing Your Seeds
Special Needs Moms Like Me
Spiritual Devotional
Spiritual Woman
Springs of Joy Homeschooling
St Monica’s Tears
St. Francis of Assisi Homeschool of PA
St. Joseph’s Lilies
St. Michael’s Cathedral Toronto
St. Monica’s Kneeler
St. Walburga’s Blog
Standing Up For Life
Startling the Day
Stay at Home Mom Chronicles
Steadfast Spirit
Stories for the Homeschool Heart
Stories of an Unschooling Family
Stories of Grief, Love and Hope
Sue Elvis Writes
Suffering with Joy
Sufficient for Today
Summa Mamas
Sunflower Days
Sunshine Daises Butter Mellow
super duper
Support Tara’s Vocation
Susan’s Blog
Suscipe – An Offering of Reflections
Tales From Astoria
Tales from the Bonny Blue House
Tales of Romance
Tea And Politics
Teaching Saints
Ten Thousand Places
Teresa’s 2 Cents Worth Blog
That Little Cabin
The “Truth” and Growing with it
The 3 Theresas
The adventures of a Family Full of Blessings!
The Alluring World
The Anchoress’ Books and Blogs
The Angelic Healer: St Raphael the Archangel
The Aspergers Catholic Mom
The Banks of Erne…
The Big C-Catholic, cancer, cure?
The Bird’s Nest
The Blessed Virgin Mary’s Own
The Blog Exhibit of Helen’s Habitat
The Breadbox Letters
The Cameo
The Careless Catholic
The Carstens
The Cat in the Hat & Things 1 through 4
The Catholic Cat
The Catholic Cook
The Catholic Counselor Lady
The Catholic Couponer
The Catholic Housewife
The Catholic Maiden
The Catholic Mom’s Mentor
The Catholic Science Geek
The Catholic Wife
The Catholic Young Woman
The Church Diva
The Church of the Followers of the Way
The Cloistered Heart
The Communion Veil
The Contemplative Catholic
The Contemporary Catholic
The Crescat
The Crooked Halo
The Crunchy Catholic Homemaker
The Curvy Catholic
The Daily Comedie
The Dangers and Delights of Diamantina
The Deacon’s Wife
The Digital Hairshirt
The Divine Flame Within
The Escape
The Eucharist – Jesus is With us
The Faithful Scribbler
The Family Denn
The Folly and the Glory
The Foothills of Carmel
The Fourth Pew
The Franciscan Family
The Good News
The Great Pumpkin
The Green Platypus
The Happy Life and Times of Simple Me
The Heart Of My Home
The Humble Abode of Gabblemac
The Icon of the Divine Heart of God the Fathe
The Ironic Catholic
The Keeper of the Keys
The Kennedy Adventures!
The Kitchen Madonna
The Koala Bear Writer
The Light of Christ
The Little Way
The Little Wretches
The Love That Moves The Sun
The Luminous Heart
The Mad Tea Party
The Mantilla Diaries
The marginal Catholic librarian
The Martian Mama
The Measuring Mama
The Modern Milkmaid
The Musings of a Mere Woman
The Musings of a Mom
The Musings of a Wanderer
The Mysteries of Blog
The Nice Thing About Strangers
The Nocturnal Sparrow
The Not So Perfect Catholic
The One True Faith
the out lawed God
The Peace Within
The Perky Pilgrim
The Philosopher Mom
The Political Housewyf
The Practicing Catholic
The Prodigal Catholic
The Psalmist
The Random Life
The Road to Roundabout
The Road Well Traveled
The Rosary Trail
The Round Wooden Door
The Seaside Contemplative
The Secret to Happiness
The Shepherds Voice
The Siege of Jericho
The Simple Catholic Life
The Single Catholic Girl
The Sober Sophomore
The Spiritual Workout
The Strawberry Vine
The Syrophoenician Woman
The Teakettle Corner
The Tentative Housewife
The Theology of Laundry
The Unconventional Catholic
The Unworthy Catholic
The Vere en LA Luna y las Estrellas
The Warrior-Prince: St Michael the Archangel
The WatchCat
The way of the upright is a highway .
The Wishful Poet
The Woman at the Well
Theological Lint
Theophany All Over
Theophany’s Blog
Theresa Doyle-Nelson
This Catholic Life
This Crazy Love
This Cross I Embrace
Thoughts by Ashley
Thoughts of Light in the Dark
Thoughts on Grace
Thoughts On Things Catholic
Three Sided Wheel
Thrift Store Mama
Through A Glass Onion
Tiber Tourist
Time To Heal Clergy Sex Abuse: It’s Friday, TIME TO PRAY
Tiny Blessings
Tisa White’s Blog
To Know This Love
Today with the Saints
Totus Tuus Family & Catholic Homeschool
Totus Tuus Mom
Traditional Catholic Living
Traditionally Catholic
Traditions for Two
Training Happy Hearts
Transcendental Musings
Transitus Tiber
Treacherous Brook
Treasures of Grace
True Feminism
Truth Himself
Truth Unchanging
Twenty Tuesday Afternoons
Two Sleepy Mommies
Ukok’s place
Unrelenting Amee
Utah Catholics
Veritas et Venustas
Verso la Verita-Towards Truth
View From The Pews
vikky’s creed
Virginia Lieto
Vita Gratiae
Waiting in Confidence
Watcher of the Morn’
Way of Suffering
Way of the Wildflowers
We Are The Salt
We Belong to the Lord
Wee Little Miracles
Westward wagons Ho! (deux)
Wheat & Weeds
Wheelbarrow Manor
Why Mommy Is A Republican
WI Catholic Musings
Wife and Mom of Two
Windshield Rosary
Winterpast Moments
Word in the Hand
Words For Life
Writer With a Cause
Writing With Your Heart
Written By the Finger of God
Yes I’m Catholic
Young American Catholic
Young And Catholic
Your Catholic Blog — Catholic Life in America
Youth Ministers’ Lounge
Zabou the terrible
Zeal for Your House Consumes Me
Zoom Times

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