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Deacon Joe Marotta The Journeyman Carpenter

died suddenly June 5th, 2013. Joe was 39. Ordained to the Permanent Diaconate of the Diocese of Richmond, Va on 10/13/2012, Joe leaves his lovely wife Katie and five young children. May God, family, and friends comfort Katie and the children and may Joe's soul rest in the peace of Christ who he served with zeal and love.


Carrie Tomko (Still Running Off at the Keyboard) Died of cancer on April 6, 2009 Carrie had quite a few friends among St Blogs Parish members and one of her favorite topics was the danger that New Age & the occult present to Christians.


Michael Albert Dubriel (Annunciations) died of a heart attack suffered while exercising in a gym February 3, 2009. Michael was husband to Amy Wellborn (Charlotte Was Both) and father to two sons Michael and Joseph. Michael was a Catholic speaker and publisher and well known among the Saint Blog's community. Michael's obituary may be viewed here. Many in the Catholic blogging community have written about Michael but Amy said "Cathy Dee has done just about the best job of capturing who Michael was."


Fr. Todd Reitmeyer

, May 13, 1969 - May 24, 2006. Fr. Reitmeyer's blog is no longer available but an archive of the blog remains up at A Son Becomes A Father. A fellow priest and friend of Fr. Reitmeyer wrote about him for Catholic Men's Quarterly. You can read the article A Son Becomes a Father. The image in this memorial is cropped from an original displayed in a post on the blog Mireles Family News and is used with their permission.


Karen Marie Knapp (From The Anchor Hold) died August 2, 2007. Karen Marie is what many of us would like to be - a truly charitable but always unapologetic Catholic.


"5/14/02: Added a new page listing some of the Catholic "Blogs". Enjoy! I keep updating Scandal and Hope Page and will do the same with the Blog Page (and won't always mention this in "What's New...")"With this entry Gerard Serafin (Buggee) (A Catholic Blog for Lovers) began his "Catholic Blogs Page" in May of 2002. The list has been handed on since Gerard's untimely death November, 2004, and this site is the latest version of what Gerard began.


Resources & Information (511 Blogs)

“…..make straight His paths” Matthew 3:3
101 Prayer
2013 Patron Saint Ministry
21st Century Catholic
A Catholic Mom climbing the Pillars
A Catholic Reader
A Catholic with Cancer
A Graceful Life
A Holy Endeavor
A Little Bit of Change
A Pilgrim’s Catechism
a sense of place
A Theology of Desire
A Treasure Trove of Free Catholic Books
Abbot Cuthbert Johnson
About Catholicism
Access Catholic
Acta Sanctorum
Ad Imaginem Dei
Ad maJorem Dei gloriam
Africa – Analysis and practice of Information
After the Mass
Agnus Dei
All for God
All Saints
Angels and Saints . . . and the Rest of Us
Anthony Buono’s Blog
Apologetics in Charity and Truth
Ars Catholica
Art & Faith
Ashes To Ashes
Authentic Catholic Catechesis
Autism Consecrated
Awe and Wonder
Ὁι Λόγοι
Baha’i-Catholic Blog
Bartimaeus’ Quiet Place
Being Frank
Bella Wyborn d’Abrera
Bible Saints
Bible: NAB
Bible: RSV
Bishop William Lori’s Blog
Bob Metivier: A new direction in contemporary music
Book Reviews and More
Books about Opus Dei
Born Again at Baptism
Breviary Hymns
Brother’s Keeper Ministries
Building A Church
Burry Port & Kidwelly Catholic Parish
Canticum Quotidianum: A Song A Day
Caring Catholic Convert
Caryn Swark’s Weblog
Catechesis, the Clown and the Circus
Catechism of the Catholic Church
Catechism On Call
Catechism Study
Catholic Advice
Catholic Altar Servers
Catholic Apologetics of America
Catholic Barcelona
Catholic Beer Review
Catholic Bible Study
Catholic Blog
Catholic Blog Directory
Catholic Blogs
Catholic Bookmarks
Catholic Culture
Catholic Divine Will
Catholic Doctrinal Concordance
Catholic Elan
Catholic Faith Alive!, Inc.
Catholic Faith Education
catholic family faith
Catholic Gateways
Catholic Information Online
Catholic Internet Mission: Unity in Christ
Catholic Jesus
Catholic Kentucky
Catholic Living Today
Catholic Media Journal
Catholic Media Online
Catholic Mud
Catholic Net Products
Catholic Network of Volunteers
Catholic Nucleus
Catholic Personal Finance
Catholic Pilgrimage Sites
Catholic Ponderings
Catholic Prayers | Jesus Christ
Catholic Pundit Wannabe
catholic question box
Catholic Radio Report
Catholic Reading Project Online
Catholic Schools: Nurturing the Soul of a Nation
Catholic Servant Leader
Catholic Spirituality
Catholic Spirituality
Catholic Tech Talk
Catholic Translations
Catholic Travel Blog
Catholic Tube – Video Blog
Catholic VBS and Enrichment
Catholic Video Gamers
Catholic Writers Guild
Catholicism & Other Ancient Things
Catholicism and Adventism
Catholicism Anew
Catholicism for Everyone
CatholicMatch Institute
Catholics United 4 Freedom
Catholics View – Reverent, Solemn, Obedient
Catholic_Kelly’s Xanga Site
Catholic_Quotes’s Xanga Site
Celledoor Miscellany
Christ in the Present Moment
Christian Apologetics
Christian Truth
Christine’s MLM Training
Churches Around the World
Civilization of Love
Claretian Teaching Ministry
Clear Catholic Resources
Clinton R. LeFort
Coming Home
Communion Cards
Connecticut Catholic Corner
contemplatively catholic
Conversations Around the Font and Table
Cool Tools for Catholics
Cor Immaculatae
Covenant with Christ ? ! …
Created Worlds
Credo,Catholic Journal (Ireland)
Crossing Nineveh
Crossroads Initiative, The
CUF Blog
D/FW Catholic Writers Group
Daily Catechist
Daily Prayers and Meditations
David Ianni’s Blog
David Torkington
Daylight Origins Society
Debra’s Random Thoughts
Deo Gratias Catholic Prayers in Latin & Engli
Depressed and Catholic
Deus Caritas Est
Deus Ex Machina
Digital Catholic – Finding God in the Media
Digital Franciscans
Discerning Hearts
Discover Catholic
Divine Life – Blog of Eric Sammons
Divine Office – Liturgy of the Hour
Do I Have a Vocation?
Do Not Be Anxious
Dolorosa & Dolorosa Candles – Home
E-Books for Catholic
Eastern Saint of the Day
Ecclesia Militans America
El Mirador de Charlitos
End Times
Equipping Catholics
Eternal City
Eternal City Education
Evan’s Cove
Faith Lessons for Kids and Families
Faith, Fiction, and Flannery
FaithArts – Blog
Faithful Web
Famiglia Cattolica Apostolica Romana
Father Bob’s Reflections
Father Jerzy’s Road to Sainthood
Father Jerzy’s Road to Sainthood
Fighting Irish Thomas
Filipino Catholic Bloggers Network
Fish Eaters: The Whys and Hows of Traditional Catholicism
Fontes Liturgicae
Fra The TitleMan’s Blog
Franciscan Quote of the Day
Free Pro-Life Images
FSSP Vocations Scotland and Ireland
General Instruction of the Roman Missal
Georges Chevrot
God Is At Work In You!
Golden is Thy Fame
Gospel Commentaries by Jose Antonio Pagola (S
Gregorian Rite Catholic
Grieving Catholic Mommy
Growing Apologist
Gryphon Rampant
Guiding Young Saints
Happy Saints
Happy To Be Catholic
Healing and Wholeness in Christ Jesus
Healing Grace
Helpful Saints
Holy Card Heaven
Holy Communion Dresses
Holy Face Monastery Gift Shop
Holy Family Cenacle – A Catholic Prayer Group
Homeschool Goodies
How to Say the Rosary
Hymnographic Explorations
Hyvia uutisia (Finnish)
iCatholic – Faith in Action on the World Wide Web
Ignatius Group
Illinois Parental Notification of Abortion
Immaculate Heart Coloring Pages
In the Footsteps of St. Patrick
In the Garden of Ominous Delight
Infant Jesus Churches
Inflated Tires
Intercession For Souls
Is Centering Prayer Catholic?
Is Sadly Synaesthesiac
Jesus and the Catholic Church Podcast
Jewish Catholic Simplified
Jobo72’s Weblog
John Paul II Cafe
Joseph Karl Publishing: God Is At Work In You
Josephine County Right to Life
Journey of Life
JUAN PABLO II, maestro, padre, pastor, amigo….
Knights of Columbus Latin Mass
Knights of Divine Mercy Schola Cantorum
Knowing God through Autism
La fe explicada por Benedicto XVI
Lakbay Diva
Latebreakingcatholic’s Blog
Learning to be Quick to Listen
Lex Christianorum
Lex Orandi
Life is Sacred
Life With a German Shepherd
LItland Reviews
Liturgical Calendar
Living in the Two Hearts
Living Water College
Lolek’s Vestments
LOLSaints | Saints with a Smile
louie, louie
Lourdes Catholic Blog
Love Alone is Believable
Lover of Futility
Lumina/Hope & Healing after Abortion
Marian Apostolate
Marian Apostolate Ministries
Marriage Encounter Icons
Martin’s Caffe
Mary’s Anawim
Mass Readings
McVan Inc
Mercy at Three
Messages for Humanity
Metanoia 2
Mike’s Blog
Milites Veritatis
Milk and Honey Education
Minnesota Native Daughter
Mission Moment – Catholic Speaking and Inspiration for the New Evangelization
Monterey Bay Area Traditional Latin Mass
Moral Short Stories
More Meredith Gould
Most Sacred Heart
Mother of the Americas Institute
Mount Angel Seminary Journalism
Musing from a heart for the King & a heart for Israel
Musings from a Catholic Bookstore
My Catholic Blog
My Cousin the Saint | Justin Catanoso
My God Teacher
My Roman Revelations
Nancy Carabio Belanger
New Advent
New England Catholic Homeschool Conference
New Oxford Review
New Roman Catholic Missal
Norfolk Catholic Examiner
Novena to St. Jude
Once Catholic
Once upon a time in opus dei
One Bread (1 Corinthians 10:17)
One Catholic Soul
Order of Saints in the Land
Orlando Roman Catholic Examiner
Our Daily Gospel
Our Daily Prayer
Our Faith Explained: Catholic Doctrine
Our Lady of America USA
Our Lady’s Little Scribe
Our Lady’s Tears
Our NFP Blog
Our Temporary Home
Out of Babylon
Padres de la Iglesia
Parish Blog of St Edward the Confessor
Parish Book Clubs
Parish Geeks
Paths of Love
Patrick Vandapool
Paul & Peter’s
Pax Christi Summit
People of the Book
Pertinacious Papist Musings on Catholic Intellectual Culture
phatcatholic apologetics
Phill Bennetzen
Philly Catholic Spirituality
polonia pearl
Pontifex Libris
Portiuncula: the Little Portion
Praeceptorum Deus – The Laws of the Lord
Pray It Off
Pray More Novenas
Pray The Rosary Often
Pray To God Today
Prayer Habits
Prepare for Mass
Priests in Crisis
Proud Parents of Staten Island
Proud to be a Catholic Convert
Random Thoughts and Musings on the Narrow Road
RE Teacher – Catholic Religious Ed. Resources
Real Life Rosary Weblog
Real Presence
Reflections on Faith & Culture
Reiki & Christianity
Rejoice – The Iconographic Arts Institute
Relics, Relics, Relics
Religia Slovakia
Religious Life, Christianity, and Culture
Reverenced Reading
Rita Expeditus
Roman Catholic Books
Roman Catholic Catechism
Roman Catholic Mission Somalia
Rosary Bay: Traditional Catholic Resource
Rosary Box Maker
Rosary Maker
Rose’s Artistic Impressions
Roy Petitfils
Running Catholic
Sacred Library
Sacred Liturgical Art Journal
Saint Anthony — Lost and Found
Saint Expeditus
Saint Rita of Cascia
Saints And Angels Webcomic
Salvation Is an Adventure
Sanctuary House
Science And Religion — Thoughts Along The Way
Science and Religion in the 21st Century
Scripture Catholic
Scripture | Reflections | Prayer
Second Hand Saints
Seeing and Believing: A Catholic Video Blog
Seeking Justice
Servants of the Servant
Signs on the Narrow Way
Sister Marie De Mandat-Grancey
Smaller Manhattans
Sober Catholic
Solemn Charge
Soul Scribe
South Dakota Catholic
Spirit Singing
Splendor Veritatis Missio
Spreading the Word Digitally
St Augustine of Canterbury
St Gemma Galgani
St Paul of the Cross
St. Athanasius Academy
St. Blog’s Prayer Network
St. Francis of Assisi in Tofino, BC
St. Francis Speaks . . .
St. Francis Xavier Web Apostolate
St. Joseph’s Blog
St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology
St. Peter Canisius Apostolate
Stages of Prayer
Stairway to Heaven
Staten Island Catholic
Step Back Satan!
Stephen C N
Study Acts
Studying the Source and Summit
Sutter’s Casebook
Sword’s Spirit
Taking Back Vatican II
Tales Of The Body Of Christ
Tan antigua y tan nueva
Tea and Sympathy
Tech Tips for Catholics
Teilhard de Chardin
That Resource Site
The 2011 Patron Saint of the Year
The Accidental Catholic
The Aggie Apologist
The Alexandrian Blog
The B-Movie Catechism
The Beautiful Gate
The Berean Life
The Bishops of Rome
The Bovina Bloviator
The Catechist Cafe
The Catholic Blog Community
The Catholic Foodie
The Catholic Gift Shop Blog
The Catholic Hermit
The Catholic Homemaker
The Catholic Investor
The Catholic Journeyman
the catholic joyful wedding
The Catholic Priesthood
The Catholic Single Vocation
The Catholic Sojourner
The Catholic Travel Guide Blog
The Catholic Truth
The Catholic Vox — a call for Vatican III–(understanding no salvation outside the Church)
The Catholic Worship Blog
The Celestial Inquisitor
The Charcoal Fire
The Communion of Saints
The Complete Hermit
The Daily Ichthys
The Deacon’s Studio
The Deeps of Time
The Digital Catholic
The Divine Heart of God the Father Encompassing All Hearts
The Dreamer’s Day
The End Abortion Page
The Evil Traditionalist
The Faith Explorer
The Flying Buttress
The Food Which Endures: Living a Eucharistic Life
The Four Last Things
The Heart of Things
The Joyful Catholic
The Joyful Hermit
The Lady in the Pew
The Laughter of Lazarus — Poetry & Fiction of Faith and Doubt
The Lego Church Project
The Light of Faith
The Light Within
The Lioness
The Maccabee Catholic
The Modern Catholic
The Musings of a Madman
The Mystical Rose
The Open Door Apostolic Ministry
THE PRAYERS OF THE HOLY ROSARY,What is Prayer and Why, (with Bible Verses)
The Q Continuum
The Real Hermit
The Reed of God
The Religion Teacher
The Reluctant Traditionalist
The road to God knows where
The Rosary Diaries
The Secret to Happiness
The site of Poet Teddy Crispin
The Smithy
The Stumbling Catholic
The Thin Veil
The Toledo Vocations
The Vocation Operation
The WØRD: A Colbert Blog for Catholic It-Getters
The Writings of Thomas Alan Russell
theologia perennis
Theotokos Books
Think Memorial Cards, Belfast
This burning fire
Thomas sein Abendland
Thy Daily Bread
Thy Kingdom Come
Time, Talent and Treasure
Traditional Catholic Images
Traditional Latin Mass in Maryland
Traditional Vocations blog
Treasure Chest for Tweens
Tribes and Scribes
TRIREGNUM tradition & continuity
True Confessions of a Prodigal Daughter
True Knights Blog
True Marriage
Trustee Jack’s Weblog – Journal
Truth and Charity Forum
Tyrol – Tirol
Un Camino al Amor
UNA VOCE of Chesapeake, VA
Unity of Truth
Venerable Matt Talbot Resource Center
Victim Souls of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Virtual St. Joseph Altar Blog
Vive Jesus!
Waking Up Catholic – RCIA Information
We Believe: Forty Meditations on the Nicene Creed
Welcome to Our Lady of Health Vailankanni, Official web site.
West Coast Catholic Parishes
What Catholics REALLY Believe
What Catholics REALLY Believe SOURCE
Where Angels Walk
Why Pro-Life?
YOU, a prayerful conversation
Youth for Life

Saint Jean de Brébeuf

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Martyr; Apostle to the Huron

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