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If you are Catholic or Orthodox with a weblog, we invite you to join St. Blog's Parish, a community of Catholic bloggers. The application form on this site is used to submit your site for membership in the web ring, the directory, and the feed aggregator.

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Membership is mostly open. There aren't theological restrictions per se, but we ask that Catholic members recognize and respect the Magisterium of the Church and be obedient to the Pope and authorities under him. After all, without those, you aren't really Catholic are you? We ask that Orthodox members be obedient to their patriarchs. Beyond that, there aren't any restrictions. We're not theology police and you need not be a NeoCath. Feel free to disagree with Church teachings so long as you do so respectfully. Also, this list should family-friendly. If you encounter a member blog of SBPA that is frequently vulgar, pornographic, violent, or hateful, Let us know immediately.

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