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Rosary for the Bishop
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Deacon Joe Marotta The Journeyman Carpenter

died suddenly June 5th, 2013. Joe was 39. Ordained to the Permanent Diaconate of the Diocese of Richmond, Va on 10/13/2012, Joe leaves his lovely wife Katie and five young children. May God, family, and friends comfort Katie and the children and may Joe's soul rest in the peace of Christ who he served with zeal and love.


Carrie Tomko (Still Running Off at the Keyboard) Died of cancer on April 6, 2009 Carrie had quite a few friends among St Blogs Parish members and one of her favorite topics was the danger that New Age & the occult present to Christians.


Michael Albert Dubriel (Annunciations) died of a heart attack suffered while exercising in a gym February 3, 2009. Michael was husband to Amy Wellborn (Charlotte Was Both) and father to two sons Michael and Joseph. Michael was a Catholic speaker and publisher and well known among the Saint Blog's community. Michael's obituary may be viewed here. Many in the Catholic blogging community have written about Michael but Amy said "Cathy Dee has done just about the best job of capturing who Michael was."


Fr. Todd Reitmeyer

, May 13, 1969 - May 24, 2006. Fr. Reitmeyer's blog is no longer available but an archive of the blog remains up at A Son Becomes A Father. A fellow priest and friend of Fr. Reitmeyer wrote about him for Catholic Men's Quarterly. You can read the article A Son Becomes a Father. The image in this memorial is cropped from an original displayed in a post on the blog Mireles Family News and is used with their permission.


Karen Marie Knapp (From The Anchor Hold) died August 2, 2007. Karen Marie is what many of us would like to be - a truly charitable but always unapologetic Catholic.


"5/14/02: Added a new page listing some of the Catholic "Blogs". Enjoy! I keep updating Scandal and Hope Page and will do the same with the Blog Page (and won't always mention this in "What's New...")"With this entry Gerard Serafin (Buggee) (A Catholic Blog for Lovers) began his "Catholic Blogs Page" in May of 2002. The list has been handed on since Gerard's untimely death November, 2004, and this site is the latest version of what Gerard began.


My Everyday Life
Truth Unchanging
Yes I’m Catholic
Sowing Your Seeds
Tales of Romance
Catholic Christian
Animals at your side
proud cajun catholic
Christ Is Our Life
Mount Carmel
Sacristies of the World
Life is an open book test
Beautiful Secrets: A sinner’s diary
Out Into the Deep
Proud Cajun Catholic
I Have a Reason to Sing
Catholic Beautiful
A Cradle Catholic Re-Discovering the Faith
A Walk with Jesus
The Crunchy Catholic Homemaker
anima mea
Happynun Tells All…A Sisters Speaks!
Heaven Raising
A Catholic Moment
The Divine Flame Within
Mountain of Grace Homeschooling
Life After Epiphany
Melanie Rigney/Faith and Life in My 50s
… and these Thy gifts …
Mercedarian Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament
Kelly Thinks (Occasionally)
Domestic Abbey
Love Letters 7.10
vikky’s creed
Catholic By Choice
Young American Catholic
Campfires and Cleats
Writer With a Cause
Santa Maria de Cuapa
Being Catholic … Really
Fashion Angel by Esther Gabrielle
A Living Garden
Fashion for Beauty
The Humble Abode of Gabblemac
enter under my roof
Learning and growing the Piwi way
Thoughts of Light in the Dark
Catholic With a Vengeance
Contemplative Homeschool
Twenty Tuesday Afternoons
The Love That Moves The Sun
Our Domestic Calling
Sancta Futura
Everyday Catholic
A catholic madre
Catholic with Training Wheels
Costing Not Less Than Everything
Theological Librarian
Life, Love, & Sacred Art
Suscipe – An Offering of Reflections
Domestic Abbey
The Angelic Healer: St Raphael the Archangel
Saint Jean de Brébeuf

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Martyr; Apostle to the Huron

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